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Folly Alcohol Ban

Folly Beach Bans Booze Until Labor Day



Phew! My head is still spinning from yesterday’s whirlwind of Charleston news/events. Besides working at my real job, I was trying to stay on top of the Folly Beach City Council Meeting regarding a possible alcohol ban and the rumors of Oprah and Stephen Colbert visiting the Holy City. Plus, I attended the Original Wailers concert with Old You at the Pour House, updated throughout the day and tried to give Ms. Holy City Sinner some semblance of attention. In fact, when news broke about the “booze ban,” I actually updated this website on my iPhone while I was at the concert. Now that’s journalistic dedication right there.

In any event, I am now FINALLY getting my head around what occurred at the Edge of America yesterday event.

By now I’m sure you are all well aware that a July 4th fight between police and partiers on Folly lead to talks of banning alcohol on the beach. There was a lot of outrage coming from the community, especially after videos and details of the incident began to come out. I made my opinion known, as did many others, but it was all up to the Folly Beach City Council.

Many Folly residents voiced their concerns during the meeting with some saying the area has gotten a bad reputation and something needed to be done. In the end, the City Council agreed with the crowd.

An immediate 60-Day alcohol ban was instituted and the Council will meet again Thursday at 7 pm to discuss putting the ordinance on a referendum for the November general election. This temporary ban will expire after Labor Day which means Folly Beach is alcohol free for the remainder of the Summer. The crowd gave a standing ovation after the ban was instituted.

I asked Mark Davenport from Live 5 News (via Twitter) what the punishment would be for anyone caught breaking the booze ban. Davenport, who was at the City Council’s session, said Folly Beach will follow the state law that Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island currently have. The law states there could be a max fine of no more than $1100 and is at the officer’s discretion.

So there you have it, the booze ban is official. I will adding a few more posts about this topic, so be sure to check back on the site!


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