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Obama Wins Reelection, Drunk Diane Sawyer, Karl Rove & more



Another Election Day has passed and America has made their choice – President Barack Obama was reelected to a second term. By now that is all common knowledge, but there are plenty of other important, hilarious, and ridiculous stories from last night.

Here is a collection of the best Election Night stories…

The Presidential

  1. First, here are the nation-wide results.
  2. No real surprises, but if you are interested HERE is how SC voted.
  3. Transcript of President Obama’s victory speech.
  4. Transcript of Governor Romney’s concession speech.

The Palmetto

  1. Thurmond wins District 41.
  2. Dorchester County school referendum passes, meaning new facilities will be built.
  3. Berkeley County passed a similar referendum.
  4. Jim Clyburn and Tim Scott easily won re-election.
  5. Tom Rice won the new District 7 seat.
  6. Walterboro passed an alcohol sales referendum, which allows alcohol sales on Sunday.

The States’ Level

  1. Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin becomes first openly gay senator.
  2. U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who has made no public appearances in months due to illness and who faces a criminal probe, easily won re-election to his Illinois district.
  3. Maine & Maryland became the first states to pass same-sex marriage by popular vote.
  4. In related news, Minnesota defeated a gay marriage amendment that would have put “man-woman marriage” into the state’s constitution.
  5. Voters in Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana use.
  6. Florida still has problems with their voting processes.
  7. Puerto Rico may be pushing to become a state.

The Hilarious

  1. Was Diane Sawyer drunk on-air last night? Thanks to the magic of Twitter, many people tuned to ABC to watch the train-wreck. It sure looked like she was under the influence.
  2. Sean Hannity tweeted a picture of his completed ballot, which is, you know, against the law.

The Ridiculous

  1. Donald Trump had a Twitter meltdown after the results were given.
  2. SNL Alum Victoria Jackson is having her own Twitter meltdown.
  3. Even after Fox News had called the election, Karl Rove decided to argue the results.

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