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Holy City Sinner’s 2012



2012review-100019342-largeThe past 365 days have treated this website quite well. I’ve reached many personal milestones and made the site into something that I can be proud of.

Thank you so much for supporting It is my passion to talk about, promote, experience and celebrate the city of Charleston. I hope you had as much fun reading this site as I had creating it.

Here’s a look back at the past year…


  • HCS reached its 1-year anniversary.
  • Year-over-year the site shattered all previous highs in page views.
  • Busiest month was August with December being a close second.
  • The busiest day was August 28th.

Top Story

The top story (as far as page views were concerned) was the “Charleston Flooding” entry from 8/28/12.

Other Top Stories

Big stories I didn’t cover extensively, but were quite newsworthy

Some of my favorites from this year  (in no particular order)

  • The Orange Spot Coffeehouse – From a dream to reality. I’ve loved watching the growth of Laura and Julie’s idea and getting to know them on a personal level as well.
  • Dulce Truck – Delicious desserts, refreshing beverages and an excitable and personable owner – what more could you want? It was great getting to know Erika as we crossed paths at a few events. Be sure to stop at her truck when you see it – you will NOT be disappointed.
  • Old You – The first time I heard them play was this year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Amazing musicians who are also really down-to-Earth and friendly.
  • Dangermuffin – Loved the album they released this year (Olly Oxen Free) and enjoyed seeing them live a couple of times.
  • The Charleston Pour House – I had fun working on their Street Team and seeing some great shows there this year. They also give my site a lot of love via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Haypenny Confections – A new business that makes a great product. I love their s’mores and ingenuity. I was also drawn to the fact that Danielle and Tanner have day jobs, but dedicate a lot of time to their passion. That is something I can certainly relate to.
  • No Rules, Just Mics – I was happy to join my friend Topher Cassidy as a co-host of an internet radio show. In the new year we plan on interviewing some Charleston folks.
  • Foodmancing The Girl – Always enjoyed the website and Twitter feed, but was happy to meet Charles, the man behind it all, late this year.
  • Charleston Onion – I was glad to watch Brandt grow his snarky Twitter feed into a full-fledged website with Charleston-based satirical news. I got plenty of chuckles from him this year.
  • Crowfield – I did a lot of work promoting their album release show because I really enjoyed their music. I was able to briefly talk to Tyler (the lead singer) on a couple occasions and he was always willing to speak with me and appreciative of the support I gave them.
  • Kacie Faulling Event Hair & Makeup – Kacie, besides having a successful business and being a nice person (and Giants fan to boot!), was extremely accommodating after the Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively wedding. She provided me with pictures of her work on Florence Welch and answered questions despite being flooded with interview requests.
  • SquidCloud – The owner, Jeff, was really helpful with questions I had about additions/formatting/etc. for this site. I highly recommend him if you need any help with your website.
  • Adam Crisp with Mount Pleasant Patch – Adam asked if I’d like to blog for Patch to help cross-promote our sites. It has definitely been mutually beneficial and gave me another readership to reach.
  • Ken Hawkins with The Digitel Charleston – Ken has supported me by posting (or allowing me to post) many of my pieces on his site. This has also lead to an increase in my readership.
  • The Wolf 96.9 – Mentioned my website on-air on Election Day. It was one of the most exciting things to happen to my website this year. Thank you to whoever did it!


…for providing me with info and/or their support via social media and blog postings that have gotten me plenty of views and new followers.


To Ms. Holy City Sinner for constantly supporting this strange passion I have and allowing me to do something that makes me happy.

I’m sure I missed plenty of folks, but it has been a busy and incredible year. I apologize for any oversight(s).

And finally, Thank YOU – yes YOU!!! Seriously, thanks to each and every one of you who read my pieces, retweeted me, shared an article or just glanced at my website. You rock my socks.


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