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Interview with Will Morrison of Home-Ped




A lot has happened to Home-Ped since I first profiled the business back on December 17th.

The post itself received a lot of views and spread through social media. To-date the piece has 45 Facebook Likes and 24 Tweets – and that’s just directly from the article itself. That doesn’t count people who shared the entry without using the direct buttons on this site.

A few weeks later the business was featured on ABC News 4 and shortly thereafter, Live 5 News came calling.

They have also overhauled their website, updated their pricing structure, and launched a referral program called Ped-Bucks.

Despite his clearly busy schedule, I was recently able to speak with Co-founder & CEO Will Morrison.

HCS: Where did the idea of Home-Ped come from?

Will Morrison: Born and raised in Charleston, I quickly realized that many people drink on a daily basis and recklessly drive a couple of blocks or miles home after one too many drinks. While working for Charleston Bike Taxi,  I quickly noticed how many people would drink and drive home because they “had to have their car the next morning”. I quickly saw a niche in the market and decided to act upon it.

How long have you been in business?

We officially launched New Years Eve and worked the Rose Ball at The Citadel’s Johnson Hagood football stadium. The party brought over 1,000 people and we were able to assist everyone that wanted to use our service.

How has business been so far? How are the patrons?

Our main focus right now is following safety protocols and making sure we give the patrons of Charleston a unique, safe experience. We are constantly working to grow our brand and have realized marketing a new service is tough.

The patrons have been great. It is a rewarding experience to have someone sincerely thank you for what we do. The Home-Ped experience is all about safety and the convenience of having your car at your house the following morning.

What do you find are most people’s reactions to your unique business when you tell them about it?

“Wow, what a great idea!” – Everyone that we tell can instantly think back to a time when they could have used our service. You can almost see a sigh of relief knowing that there is now a service that can help them make the right (or safe) decision.

 For more information check out their official website HERE.

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