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How to Produce and Host a Successful Podcast



Do you have an opinion that you want to shout from the rooftops? Maybe you feel that your voice should be heard because you are incredibly knowledgeable in your field? Perhaps you think you have what it takes to engender debate and discussion, or maybe you just want to entertain the masses.

Whatever the reason is, if you want to start a podcast, be aware of the number of fellow enthusiasts out there. You are not alone.

The podcast market’s size is growing at a rapid rate and has done so as the user-generated industry continues to expand. This market’s size is expected to reach a value of $41.8 billion by 2026, and that’s a projected increase of just under 25%, such as the scaling up of this social media niche.

This ‘niche’ has gone mainstream, but the rules of the game are as relevant today in this mass market as they were when podcasts first got a foothold in the market some years ago.

Know Your Subject 

Don’t overreach. You may think of yourself as charismatic and having the skills needed to discuss and dissect any subject of note, but in reality, your ability to entice and interest an audience will only go as far as your actual knowledge and familiarity with the subject matter.

For instance, you may want to host a politically leaning podcast that covers all manner of relevant topics simply because you believe this is an avenue that could lead to a massive audience. But, unless you are up to speed on the machinations of Washington, you’ll be found out pretty quickly.

Who Is Your Audience?

Who does your podcast talk to? What is the audience? This question may sound strikingly obvious, but it’s one that can sometimes prove problematic.

You might find, after some deliberation and research, that your chosen niche is too specific, and as such, you might look to branch out. Maybe the opposite will happen, maybe your topic is swamped by competition, and you might then look to rein it in.

Stay Natural

The social media audience is perhaps the savviest out there. They can tell if you are putting on a persona or ‘over-acting’ to secure a visceral connection to your audience. Be yourself.

The act of speaking, in any setting, is an art form. Some people are natural in front of a camera or a mic, but most have to learn their trade. Be prepared, don’t seek to ‘wing-it’ and stay natural. Your audience will thank you for it.

Don’t Over Promote

When a podcast begins to get traction, and the audience grows, there is a tendency to start monetizing as soon as possible, but this could prove a mistake. In the first weeks or months, your audience is still getting to know you and your social media product.

You do not want to alienate them by instantly looking to secure revenue from unnatural promotion of services to a third party, even though doing so would, of course, lead to an additional revenue stream.

Make sure to bed in your podcast, and this could even take as long as a year, and only once you have a strong, loyal following can you even consider such an avenue of revenue.

In much the same way you won’t want to overreach in terms of the promotion of other services, you should also make sure that your podcasts’ regularity and timing adheres to an overall plan.

Work out how often you’d like to podcast and the schedule for doing so, and stick to it, find that sweet spot and keep it up.

Get the Best Equipment

If you want your podcast to really blow up, then you’ll have to make sure the production values are on the money. Now the good news is that the software and technology out there mean you can make a strong podcast without ruining your bank balance.

Usually, there isn’t a need to invest in an entire studio, but getting the best mic and recording services you can afford will pay off in the long-term. Look to add quality via detailing efforts like securing a good intro tune, as music for podcasts can tend to lend a certain gravitas to the proceedings.

Have Fun!

Never forget why you wanted to start your podcast in the first place. If the purpose is simply to make money or become a celebrity, you won’t last long. If you are looking to host a podcast because you want to get your views out there to a broad market, then there is every chance that you’ll find the audience that fits your plan.

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