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What Is an Airbar and How Do You Use It?



For long-time smokers, quitting or what others call “going cold turkey” is challenging and life-changing. Studies have shown that out of 330 former smokers, 50.3% have successfully quit, with 10.9% using cessation-aid interventions to give them a little boost in deciding to stop this nicotine habit altogether.

Some interventions for people who ultimately decided to quit smoking are using other alternatives such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum. As of today, a relatively new option has been a trend lately, and that is vaping. One popular type of vape is the Air Bar.

What is an Air Bar?

The Air Bar is a disposable vape that you may use to encourage people to stop smoking. Air Bars come in slim, sleek designs that resemble a cigarette and feel like you are holding one. Not only is the Air Bar effective as a tool for people to stop cigarette smoking, but it also is a cost-effective option. You can purchase vape pens from Dopeboo to get your hands on cost-effective vaping products

Air Bars come in different designs and sizes and have fun features such as distinct air bar flavors like grape ice, lychee, mint, cherry cola, and many more.

What are the benefits of using an Air Bar?

Vapes are considered e-cigarettes that give the smoker a similar sense of smoking as if they are using a legitimate tobacco product. The sensations the smoker feels are the same when smoking a cigarette – from inhaling the steam from the Air Bar device, its delay, and eventually, the exhalation that is very close to the feelings someone gets from smoking.

Opting for Air Bar smoking also helps avoid the several dangerous toxins and chemicals that regular cigarettes hold, such as arsenic, ammonia, lead, and carbon monoxide, to name a few. Smoking alternatives such as vapes have also been determined to be less addictive than using tobacco products.

How do you use an Air Bar?

Anyone can start and use a disposable vape by following these steps:

  1. The draw. With your first inhale, you need to take it slow and steady. Take a long draw from your Air Bar vape until you have a mouthful of vapor, like how you would smoke a cigarette. The difference between smoking a vape and a cigarette is that you do not need to draw the vapor to your lungs as you inhale to get the full-smoking effect.
  2. Hold for a while and exhale. After taking your first draw, you need to hold it in your mouth for 3 to 5 seconds before exhaling. Air Bar vapes contain a small amount of nicotine, and keeping the vapor in your mouth will allow you to feel the effects of the nicotine.
  3. Take patience in the waiting time. To feel the full effects, you need to wait for 30 seconds. Absorption is different with vapes compared to cigarettes and may take a little longer, but you will eventually get used to it with regular vaping.

Here are more things to keep in mind when using the Air Bar vape:

  • You would know when you are out of vape liquid if the vape unit produces significantly lesser or tasteless vapor. In short, each puff you get from the Air Bar vape won’t be as satisfying anymore.
  • Taking quick short drags as you would with regular cigarettes is never advisable with vapes as this may lead to an unpleasant and unsatisfying experience. This might even lead to vape liquid getting into your mouth.
  • Chain smoking is a big no-no for vaping, as this may lead your Air Bar to overheat. Taking breaks in between would help to establish a cooling period.


Vaping may be a different experience from tobacco smoking. But if you are serious about quitting smoking altogether, switching to vapes is the healthier and better solution for you.

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