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French Quarter Art Walk Review



This past Friday I attended the French Quarter Art Walk and I highly recommend ya’ll attend its next occurrence (Dec 2). This is easily one of the best “to-dos” if you live near the Holy City. Here are four reasons why you should plan to participate next time:

1. It’s completely FREE.

2. You get to see amazing paintings, sculptures, and more from talented local artists

3. There are free refreshments (usually wine) and food at most of the galleries

4. In between galleries you get to stroll through the beautiful French Quarter section of Charleston


It’s quite impressive how many talented artists we have in the Lowcountry. There are supposedly over 500 artists on display! A few of them attend the walk so you can discuss their works directly with them.

Most of the galleries are FULL of their work so there is plenty to look at. Many of the galleries themselves are fun to look at as well. Many are housed in old or majestic buildings that add to the ambiance of the evening. Between the art, the historic buildings, and the wine you can’t help but to feel super classy (even if you are anything but like me).


It’s difficult to visit each and every art gallery, but if you are a first-timer I recommend the Pink House just for the building itself. Sure, the art inside is beautiful, but the house is amazing. It’s the oldest tavern building in the South (circa 1690s) and has quite the history. The ladies inside the house are always jovial and incredibly welcoming.


After the Pink House wonder around and visit as many galleries as you can! There are so many incredible things to see! The French Quarter is part of the original walled-in city of Charleston and includes Meeting, Church, State, East Bay, Broad, Cumberland, Queen, Chalmers and Tradd Streets. You will see great art, walk on some cobbled-stone streets, and view some of the oldest building within the Holy City!

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