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The Holy City offers many unique places to eat, but I found one that may trump them all – The Patat Spot on George Street. Upon entering the establishment I knew I would be experiencing something completely different. The Patat Spot is a self-described European-style snack bar, but it did have a comfortable feel to it despite my unfamiliarity with the cuisine. Any uneasiness over trying something new was quickly forgotten as a friendly employee greeted my girlfriend and I.


The employee could tell we were overwhelmed with the food options – different types of falafel and frites (fries), which we had never tried. He offered a suggestion and we were on our way. We each got the regular falafel sandwich which had two “plain” falafel patties in a pita which we could then fill up with the toppings of our choosing. Seems simple enough – that is until you see the falafel bar. The “bar” is 5 feet long and had TONS of options to spruce up your sandwich including beans, greens, salsas, etc. We were also given a side of friets (french fries) with any dipping sauce we wanted.


After picking our additions we saddled up to some window seats to enjoy our food and people watching. The falafel is as good as you make it. As long as you pick the right mix of toppings, it will be delicious. It’s not that the falafel would be bad on it’s own, but the combinations really make the sandwich shine.


Although the sandwiches were good, the friets and dips stole the show. The friets are really tasty and are even better when dipped. I highly recommend the Spicy Sriracha Sauce and the Cheesy Jalapeno Sauce. Both added a nice kick to the friets that also highlighted their saltiness.


Our entire experience at the Patat Spot was enjoyable, especially since the staff is super friendly. The owner was walking around asking everyone how they were doing and if they liked their food. It made eating there more personable because you could tell the owner was genuinely happy you decided to spend part of your day in her restaurant.


So the next time you are craving something a little different, head on over to George Street to visit the friendly staff serving up tasty treats at the Patat Spot!

You can see the entire menu HERE.



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