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Who doesn’t love doughnuts? They form a great tag team with your morning coffee or provide a delicious mid afternoon snack. No matter the time of day, there is always room for these sweet, sugary treats. Never has this been more true than when you are savoring a doughnut from Glazed Gourmet on King Street. Savoring may not be the right word, however. It’s darn near impossible not to devour the shop’s pastries.


I stopped by Glazed recently and had such a hard time picking which delicious sounding/smelling/looking option to try. I settled on eight of them. Don’t judge me until you’re standing at the counter trying to choose just one pastry to try!


The shop itself is small, but has plenty of seats and nice decor for those looking to hang-out for a little. The staff was friendly and welcoming. One of the people there was owner/chef Allison Smith. I found out who she was after visiting their website to read up on the new establishment. If I had known it was her, I would have certainly given her my compliments on their perfect doughnuts. Smith is a graduate of the Charleston Culinary Institute and she is certainly putting her expertise to good use.


Each of the doughnuts I tried was good and some were downright delicious. There were some interesting and unique combinations like the Maple Bacon option (which had actual pieces of bacon infused in the dough) or the Purple Goat doughnut (a berry, lavender and goat cheese hybrid), but the classic glazed was also available for the less daring.


I tried all three of the aforementioned treats as well as Tiramisu, Mexican Chocolate, Raspberry Glazed, Pumpkin with Dulce de Leche and Old Fashioned Cake. The Raspberry Glazed was the sweetest tasting and most satisfying of the bunch, but my favorite was the Pumpkin with Dulce de Leche. The pumpkin flavor was perfect and the icing added to the top was the perfect sugary compliment. I also really enjoyed the somewhat spicy Mexican Chocolate. This doughnut had a chipotle, cinnamon, and orange glaze which had just a hint of heat on my tongue. Although spiciness is not something you’d expect on a doughnut, Smith’s creation was a welcomed surprise.


If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to get down to Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts as soon as you can! There is an ever-expanding menu of treats, so check their website/Facebook/Twitter often.


You can also see a very short video about Glazed HERE.

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