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If you live in the Holy City chances are you’ve already been to Jestine’s Kitchen, but if you haven’t you need to get down there as soon as humanly possible. Jestine’s serves up (mostly) traditional Southern fare and definitely has that “down home” feel to it. The staff is very kind and it’s not abnormal to see the owner walking around to ensure everyone is enjoying their time in the restaurant.


There are plenty of delicious options on the menu (and don’t forget about the dessert shop just down the street), including their fried chicken, corn bread, sweet tea, and green-fried tomatoes. On my most recent trip I was able to sample two entrees – the meat loaf sandwich and honey-glazed ham.


The meal was started with some homemade pickles which were tasty. These aren’t your typical picks you find in the jar at your local grocery store.


I had to get the meat loaf for my meal as I had heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone. I’m not a huge fan of meat loaf, but Jestine’s version was definitely good. Having it as a sandwich made it more enjoyable for me, but you may prefer it on its own.


The real highlight for me was the honey-baked ham. The slice of meat was cooked to perfection and tasted great. It’s going to be hard to order something different the next time I go to Jestine’s because I loved it so much.


For dessert be sure to try the Coca-Cola cake. It’s a nice, sweet addition to complete your Jestine’s experience.


If you go to Jestine’s during peak hours, be prepared to wait outside on the street, but be assured it’s worth the wait. All the meals looked and smelled delicious.

***UPDATE 8/22/12***

I went back to Jestine’s with my family last week and finally tried the fried chicken. It certainly did not disappoint. I was given two large pieces with butter beans and mashed potatoes. It was all so delicious. I definitely recommend the fried chicken or the glazed ham if you visit.

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