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Folly Alcohol Ban

You stay classy, Folly Beach



This Folly Beach business is getting fairly ridiculous. As I mentioned earlier, the move to ban alcohol permanently got one step closer to reality last night and there was some pretty interesting things that occurred.

First up is this gem from Eddie Ellis, who according to ABC News 4 said: “I love to party. I’ve never been married. I’ve never had kids. I’ve lived on Folly Beach for 20 years. I’ve had a great time, but I don’t even like going out to the beach anymore because it’s just a lot of drunk rednecks.” Ladies and gentlemen, that’s your Folly Beach councilman.

There was some slight hypocrisy on display at the meeting as well. Folly residents have been complaining about the town’s reputation, saying that the beach-drinking has given the town a rowdy and out-of-control distinction. Perhaps they should look in the mirror…

A few of the reporters who attended the two meetings this week have described them as rowdy. Allyson Bird from the Post & Courier used that exact word on Twitter in regards to last night’s meeting. Even though the vast majority of those in attendance were in favor of the ban, they were still all riled up. As reported by Bird, those in attendance were still addressing the council even though the public comment portion was over. But it’s the visitors who can’t control themselves…

The completely over dramatic hyperbole was out in full-force too:

-One resident said, “Even if this lasts for 60 days I’m happy. I’ll get 60 days of my life back.”

-Said another, “I’ve become a prisoner in my own home.”

REALLY? You’re a prisoner in your own home and you’re losing your life because people drink on the beach? Wow.

An odd tidbit that came out of the meeting was that South Carolina doesn’t classify beer as alcohol, which is why all wording in the ordinance included both.

There was also a standing ovation given for poor grammar. Ok, that’s not entirely true, but I’m on a roll here!

I said earlier there are many problems at Folly Beach, but none of them would be solved by banning alcohol from the waterfront. Case-in-point: just last night there was an armed robbery on Folly Road.

On the plus side, all of this Folly drama is providing me with lots of material for the site.

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