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Why Use a Bong? 9 Reasons to Switch to Using a Bong



Are you thinking of introducing a bong into your smoking routine?

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker or a timid beginner, it’s safe to say that smoking is only as good at the method in which you smoke.

If you’re new to smoking, you might be wondering why use a bong over the countless other methods? As it turns out, there’s more to a bong that its flashy exterior and crystal glass wonders. Not only can it be more healthy for the smoker, but it also provides for a more smooth hit and it’s always readily available to the user.

So, why use a bong over the crumbled papers that you have stored in your back pocket? We’re sharing nine reasons that demonstrate why bongs are the superior smoking method and why you should try one today!

1. Less Prep Work

As compared to rolling papers, smoking out of a bong requires significantly less prep work. But do remember to shop bongs from a reputable vendor like Dopeboo to get 100% satisfaction from your vaping experience

This makes it all the more simple to use your bong when you’re in a time crunch or you simply can’t be bothered to put in the work. This is perfect for the everyday smoker that isn’t looking to make each smoke session a long-awaited event.

2. A More “Clean” Hit

If you’re really looking to taste your green, smoking out of a bong is the best way to do so.

After all, when you smoke a joint, you’re also smoking the rolling paper that houses the bud. With a bong, you’re exclusively inhaling the smoke from the bud. With thanks to the water, the bong helps to filter out any tar or other particles present in marijuana.

In fact, one study found that up to 90% of the toxins are trapped in the bong when inhaled. Instead of finding themselves in your lungs, these particles tend to build on the side of the bong and are later cleaned and removed. With this, you’re going to find that your inhale feels more clean and smooth.

3. Great for Groups or Solo

When it comes to a bong, the good news is that it’s suitable for both personal uses as well as group sessions.

Depending on the day, you can hang solo with your bong and catch up on a serious Netflix marathon. Or, you can hold tight for a weekend gathering and share the glory of your bong with your closest circle of friends.

4. Smoke Is Easier to Inhale

If you’re on team bong, one of the factors you surely love the most is the ease of your inhale.

With thanks to the water present in the bong, the smoke is cooled and easier for the user to inhale. This helps to remove to hot temperatures and ruggedness of the smoke.

For those entirely new to bongs, you may want to consider a bong that has a side chamber. This chamber is used to store ice and will downplay the heat of the smoke significantly.

5. Always Available

If you’re used to rolling papers, you know firsthand what it’s like to find your package empty just as you feel the inclination to light up.

With bongs, there’s no running out! From morning to night, you know that your bong will always be there. There’s no running out to the store last-minute or begging your friends for an extra paper.

6. Easy to Use

Do you find yourself wondering how to smoke out of a bong?

Of course, there’s no denying that bongs can be intimidating for beginners. After all, all of the smoke and the bubbling water can allow a bong to feel more complicated than it really is.

Fortunately, bongs are relatively easy to learn as compared to other smoking methods. Once you get the hang of it, you can rest assured that you’ll adapt to the bong in no time and never look back!

7. Affordable

Sure, purchasing a bong in the first place can be a lot of money.

But, it’s important to think of this purchase as an investment. If you find a bong that you really like, the odds are that you’re going to be using it for a long time to come. This is especially the case if you take care of the bong and treat it well.

With papers and pipes, these small-scale items are all the more likely to be both disposable and temporary. While it might feel like you’re saving money at first, the continuous purchasing of such items will surely add up over time.

Instead, do your fair share of research to find a bong that you love. From here, you can rest assured that you will have this bong for many years to come!

8. Simple to Clean

Let’s face it, no one likes a dirty, clouded bong!

Fortunately, bongs are incredibly easy to clean! This means that you can ensure each smoke session is as healthy, clean and enjoyable as possible.

When you purchase your bong, the store employee will provide you with a run-down on how to properly clean it. Generally speaking, the cleansing process involves sea salt, rubbing alcohol, a towel or cloth, and a simple plastic bag.

9. Element of Personalization

Last but certainly not least, there’s a fun element of personalization with bongs!

With all the different colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to personalize your bong and truly make it your own. Some bong users even have different bongs depending on the session or the occasion.

This can allow your bong to become a reflection of your personality and your likes and interests. When you develop a close enough relationship with your bong, this added dose of personalization can be meaningful.

Why Use a Bong? Let Us Count the Ways!

Today, more than 55 million Americans report using marijuana.

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, a growing number of users are focusing on the best method for smoking. While there are pros and cons to each method, it’s safe to say that many longtime users favor the oh-so-trusty bong.

So, why use a bong for all of your smoking needs?

Of course, many users choose to opt for the bong method in striving for a more clean hit. On the other hand, many other uses favor bongs for the fact that they are easy-to-use and not just a temporary fix. While each smoking method depends on the user, there’s no denying that bongs are the preferred method amongst the seasoned cannabis vets.

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